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At Montel, we utilize advanced technology to provide our customers with the enhanced flexibility, automation and control they require to seamlessly run their day-to-day operational processes and create new sources of revenue.

Our innovative VoIP transit network was designed to meet the increasing demands of the rapidly growing telecommunications business. Thus, we deliver your traffic over our own independent network supervised and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our outstanding support and speed of service, you can easily handle all your routine challenges.

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Wholesale Call Termination and Transit Services

As one of the leading international telecoms carriers, Montel offers a comprehensive suite of wholesale-ready services for VoIP providers, PSTN, CDMA and GSM carriers. Montel allows for the sales and purchase of both the transit of international calls and termination service. Our cutting-edge network directly interconnects with major British, American, Spanish, and Sri Lanka international operators. This means high reliability for us and great flexibility for our customers. Delivering millions of voice minutes per month, Montel provides wholesale partners with high-capacity robust transit services and market-driving pricing. With the connection to over 20 Tier-1 carriers around the world, we bring a perfect blend of global connectivity, security, and quality to create the most efficient interconnections worldwide.

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Superior Network Performance for Retail

Apart from the world’s largest carriers, our clientele includes small and medium businesses, such as call shops, call centers, and calling card companies. Whether you offer options to individual customers for long distance calls or you are a company where employees frequently use communication services for business needs, Montel provides everything you require to deliver professional call termination to your clients and staff. Montel offers top-quality and steady CLI routes for retailers so that your customers become recognizable while calling abroad. All Montel activities are accessible via TDM and IP interconnects, which guarantees CLI, fax, and roaming. Our termination service works with SIP and H.323 signaling protocols to connect your calling cards platform, soft switch or gateway.

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We strive to share our ‘carrier-to- carrier’ experience

With Montel, there’s no need for over-complicated arrangements and endless negotiations with multiple vendors. Our best-of-class services combined with ultimate business steering tools makes our company well-suited to deal with all international traffic at appropriate terms and conditions.

Don’t wait any longer to benefit from terminating calls anywhere in the world. Contact our dedicated team today to ask questions about how you can boost your business growth by providing VoIP termination and other voice solutions. We would love to hear from you.

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